Planning to visit this summer? Humboldt is open for business and the weather is good. 

EUREKA -- While the fire season in California has started early in 2018, we wanted to clarify with those planning or thinking to visit that the Humboldt County coast is free of fire risks.

Given our cool, mild and frequently moist coastal conditions, our beaches and coastal communities are generally immune to extreme weather conditions elsewhere in the state. And our air quality remains some of the best in the nation, as clean ocean air currents push inland. 

Planning to fly into the Eureka regional airport? Your flight shouldn't be affected by fire or smoke conditions. Nor should you experience any inconveniences during your stay. If you are planning to drive, we do suggest checking current highway conditions along your route. 

Two great resources are the Cal-Fire statewide fire map: And the Caltrans road conditions page, where one can check particular highways one plans to take, and see if an alternative route is necessary:

Please join us in keeping those affected by the fires in your thoughts and prayers, especially the brave men and women battling the blazes on behalf of residents and guests here in the Golden State.