Kinetic Grand Championship - Sculpture in Place

The dates for this event have already occurred, please check back again for new dates.

Kinetic Sculpture in Place - May 29th, 2021 @ noon

Kinetic Sculpture in Place is a one day, virtual event, produced by Kinetic Universe. This adaptation of our annual Kinetic Grand Championship ensures our community can celebrate the spirit of Kinetics while staying safe at home. Teams of Kinetic racers submit video entries for an array of challenges that incorporate pageantry, art, community and engineering (PACE) in order to win trophies and bragging rights.

Starting at noon on Saturday May 29th the Kinetic Sculpture in Place event will be live streamed on Youtube for our global audience. Over two dozen challenges will test the skills and ingenuity of the teams as they compete for prizes and bragging rights. From music videos featuring muscle powered contraptions to displays of the power of unleashing kinetic energy in a single instant, we’re bound to be inspired, to laugh, and to cheer for human endeavor.

A few challenges to watch for: for the first time in the history of Humboldt kinetics, a sanctioned projectile competition! Teams will build catapults, water rockets, rotating throwing arms, and who knows what else in an effort to create the Ultimate Social Distancer. We’re sure to see a couple of highly entertaining dance videos, informative build videos, and adorable youth-built Rube Goldberg machines. Also: ridiculous fake commercials as well as deep dives into a team’s garage or art making. There will be failures, and successes, and above all, a community celebrating each other as we strive to model Hobart Brown’s vision that we are “Adults having fun so children desire to grow older.”

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