Cal Poly Humboldt

Learning to Make a Difference

Learning to make a difference is a core value at Cal Poly Humboldt, and service learning, civic engagement, and social responsibility are incorporated into many of our courses. We also strongly endorse diversity in its many facets, and strive to reflect it in our academic and employment policies and practices.

You’ll find Cal Poly students are action-minded, self-reliant, adventuresome, and creative. They thrive on countless opportunities for hands-on research, a rarity in undergraduate training. Students here learn by doing as well as studying.

Cal Poly Humboldt gives its students the distinct advantage of both academic learning and direct experience—a big head start in today’s competitive job market. Equipped with both a degree and practical training, Humboldt State graduates springboard into the 21st century’s high-tech, highly competitive global economy.

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