Cool Links to the Redwoods

California’s Redwood Parks
     Coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) stretch from Humboldt County’s vast alluvial plains to the fog shrouded valleys of the Big Sur Coast. This state website has a great map with links to the state parks.

Dedicate a Tree or Grove through the Save-The-Redwoods League or The Sempervirens. Both organizations are dedicated to the preservation of redwoods.

How to grow redwoods
     Here are some tips on how to grow a redwood tree, or if you are ambitious, a grove, along with many other interesting redwood facts.

More Great Redwood Stuff
     This Blog from Burning Silo starts a series of four installments with words and pictures in praise of the mighty and mystical redwoods.

Redwood Forest Slide Show
     M.D. Vaden of Oregon has produced this slideshow showing the ecological variety and uniqueness of the redwood forest of Northern California. Watch and enjoy!

Prairie Creek Slideshow
     Some really beautiful photos of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

Redwood National Park Photo Gallery
     An amazing collection of photos portraying the flora, fauna and landscapes of Redwood National and State Parks. Photography by QT Luong at .

Toad in the Hole
     This visitor's blog contains some wonderful observations and photos about the amazing ecology of the redwoods. Thank you!

The Tallest Tree discovered in 2006 in the Redwood National and State Park.