E&O Bowl

Little has changed since this Glendale institution opened in the 1950s. Known for its simple decor, old fashioned bowling ambiance, and good drinks, E & O Bowl is located at 1417 Glendale Dr, next to Murphyʼs Market. Walk in and to the right is the bar and to the left are the lanes, where bowlers hand score their results. In the back is a jukebox, an air hockey table and some arcade games.   Centrally located is your shoe rental and a row of pool tables. The place is timeless. It appeara to be almost exactly the same as when it first opened.    People refer to it as being in Blue Lake, but technically itʼs in Glendale with a McKinleyville postal address.  If you want to bowl and talk to your friends or family, without the distraction of TV's or scorekeeping screens, this place is great.