Humboldt Crabs

Collegiate Baseball - A Humboldt County Tradition

The Humboldt Crabs are America's oldest continuously operated summer collegiate baseball program. The non-profit organization draws tens of thousands of fans out every summer to see the stars of the future play at The Arcata Ball Park.

The best part is the price. Tickets, beers and hotdogs for the family at a Crabs game might, if you're lucky, cover parking at a big league event.  And the show in the stands, which includes rabid fans and the incomparable Crab Grass Band, is priceless.

Season is June thru August 

In addition to regularly scheduled games, the Humboldt Crabs has available opportunities for individuals to host special events at the park.  Please see our website for information.


What Are: The Humboldt Crabs?
By Erik Fraser/

Here on the North Coast, it's no secret that the Crabs experience is pretty fantastic (if we do say so ourselves — and we do), but it's always a bit of a thrill when we get some exposure beyond the Redwood Curtain.

Well on Jeopardy on Tuesday, Feb. 16, a Contestant named Zach Binney told host Alex Trebek that he and his friends travel the country during the summer in search of baseball fun, and that in all his travels, the very best experience he's had was right here in our little ballpark!

As it turns out, Binney and two friends write a blog called "Scrappy Journeymen With Heart Who Blog the Right Way," and on Sunday, July 6, 2014, the trio visited Humboldt and took in a game. They threw out the first pitch(es), had themselves a generally good time, and then wrote about it.


The Arcata Ball Park is located at 9th & F Streets, just a block away from the Arcata Plaza (go the opposite direction McKinley's statue is facing).

From Highway 101, exit right Samoa Bvd. turn right on to F St. The ballpark will be on the right after City Hall.

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