Humboldt Wild Photo Collection

Award-winning book by local photographer Arleen Olson

Humboldt County is a jewel in the crown of Northwest California. And Arleen Olson has done a great job of documenting its many facets. A professional photographer whose work has been exhibited from Yale University to Humboldt State University, Olson showcases the county in more than 200 color photos in her book Humboldt Wild, a sample of which are in the above photo gallery.

"The abundance of water in its continual cycle is what makes Humboldt so distinct. There are over one hundred miles of spectacular coastline, six major rivers, three large lagoons and an abundance of springs and creeks, especially in the winter. These course through ten state parks, sixteen county parks and beaches, the King Range National Conservation Area and much of the Six Rivers National Forest," explains Olson, drawn again and again to watery subjects.

Olson also captures lots of interesting people shots, as residents and guests explore the Redwood Coast. And of course, she aims her camera at the most famous residents, the redwoods. Check out our gallery for a sample of work from her most recent book.

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