Living The Dream Ice Cream

A refreshing treat is waiting for you on the Eureka Boardwalk.  

Enjoy hand made ice cream created on site daily from organic Straus dairy and other local ingredients. 

With over 20 choices, from old time favorites to fun new creations.  There's something for everyone including multiple selections of dairy-free options.    

Fresh waffle cones made daily!

Here's a sampling of some of the flavors offered with new ones added daily:

    Dream Sweet Cream
    Blackberry Habanero
    Burnt Caramel
    Malted Vanilla
    Chocolate Chai
    Nuckin' Futz!
    Grandpa's Breakfast
    Chocolate Chip
    Very Berry
    Chocolate Salt Malt
    Mexican Coffee
    Mint Chip
    Salted Honey Gelato
    Vanilla Cake Batter
    Salty Honey Gelato
    Chocolate Peppermint
    Cinnamon Gelato
    Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato
    Rosewater Gelato
    Vanilla Bean Gelato
    Chocolate Orange Gelato
    Coco Mint Dairy-Free
    Coco Choco Dairy-Free
    Coco Vanilla Dairy-Free
    Now Featuring Ice Cream Sammiches!