Redwood EdVentures

Kids of all ages are invited to join Slick the Banana Slug on a Redwood EdVentures Quest and “find out why nature is closer than you think.” Search for clues on specific trails that lead to the end of the Quest.On the way learn about the land and its resources.  

The Quests are located across the North Coast region.

The trails/adventures are:   Begin Here   Each Quest comprises about an hour of walking, following clues to the final destination that holds a clue, or “key,” to the prize.   Participants then take their final clue to the Visitor's Center in exchange for a patch representing the achievement of that particular Quest. A special patch has been created for each of the 17 Quests, and by completing the 17 Quests, participants can earn the whole collection.

The host of the new EdVentures is Slick the Banana Slug. Dressed in a ranger's outfit, it appears on the website as well as the brochures for each Quest. Information about these Redwood EdVentures can be found at the Redwood National and State Parks' Visitors' Centers in each park, or online at  

Downloadable brochures for each of the 17 new Quests are available at the website and include driving directions to the trail, a “treasure map” and the movement clues at the location, a place to take notes on “Things I saw along the way,” and where to get the Quest patch once the “key” is found.

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