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 Big Tree in Redwood National Park

1. Big Tree.

This old growth giant in Redwood National & State Parks has a circumference of 68 feet. This tree lives up to its name! On the Newton Drury Scenic Parkway, the tree is about 1,500 years old.

 Corkscrew Tree in Redwood National Park

2. Corkscrew Tree
This photogenic oddity has four trunks intertwined together as they reach up skyward. Located in Redwood National & State Parks, just north of Big Tree on the Newton Drury Scenic Parkway. Children find its twisting nooks irresistible.

 Fern Canyon in Redwood National Park

3. Fern Canyon
This hidden coastal gorge has 80-foot sheer walls draped with rare ferns dating back millions of years. Noted for its prehistoric beauty, this Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park gem is a favorite location for dinosaur programs and movies like Jurassic Park 2.

 Giant Tree in HRSP

4. Giant Tree
Not the tallest, but it's pretty much the best in show. Designated the National Champion Coast Redwood for having the best proportional balance of height, diameter and crown spread, this awesome specimen in Humboldt Redwoods State Park could be dubbed Big Beauty.

One Log House south of Garberville 

5. One Log House
This world famous home, 8 miles south of Garberville and 1 mile south of Richardson Grove on the east side of Hwy 101, is made from one giant hollowed out redwood log!

 Main Street Ferndale

6. Main Street Ferndale
Known as California's best preserved Victorian village, this 19th century town lives and breathes historic architecture. Visit Cream City to see its Butterfat Palaces, reminders of its agricultural prosperity.

 Carson Mansion in Eureka

7. Carson Mansion
America's most photographed Victorian home displays the beauty and strength of redwood timber. Built in 1886, this Old Town Eureka home is one of the finest examples of American Queen Anne Style architecture.

 Samoa Cookhouse

8. Samoa Cookhouse
From Eureka, drive a few minutes west across the Humboldt Bay bridge to this landmark eatery, the last surviving lumber camp-style cookhouse in the West, which has been serving hearty meals since 1893. Don't miss the timber and marine heritage museums too.

 Bigfoot in Willow Creek

9. Bigfoot Statue
Which one? Any of them! There's plenty in Willow Creek, the Bigfoot capitol of the world. See the museum in the town where the legend began, and the national forest where the infamous Patterson Gimlin film footage was filmed.

 Arcata Plaza

10. Arcata Plaza
The central hub of one of California's most progressive towns, this grassy square is surrounded by upscale bohemian shops, galleries and cafes. Bonus style points if you take a picture with the President McKinleyville statue in the center or during the Farmers Market on Saturdays.

 Shelter Cove

11. Shelter Cove
The only settlement on the fabled Lost Coast, the longest stretch of wild shoreline in the continental United States, Shelter Cove has lots of eye candy to choose from: Black Sands Beach, Point Delgada, cliffside inns, fishing boats in the cove, and the retired Cape Mendocino lighthouse.

 Shrine Drive Thru Tree

12. Shrine Drive-Thru Tree
The most distinctive of the three drive-thru trees on the Redwood Coast is this one on the Avenue of the Giants. Unlike the others, nature, not man, carved most of the tunnel in the Shrine Tree, located in the town of Myers Flat.

 Avenue of the Giants

13. Avenue of the Giants
This renowned stretch of historic U.S. 101, which parallels the modern highway for 30 miles in southern Humboldt County, showcases the largest and densest stands of giant redwoods. It has been called the most beautiful forest drive in the world.

 Trinidad Lighthouse

14. Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse
An exact replica of the working lighthouse hidden on the far side of nearby Trinidad Head, this picturesque monument overlooks a breathtaking panoramic expanse of the ocean, coast and harbor of the town of Trinidad, a historic fishing settlement that resembles a Cornish seaside village.

 Patrick's Point State Park

15. Patrick's Point State Park
Just south of Redwood National Park, this hidden gem teems with photographic backdrops, including a recreated Indian village, Agate Beach, Palmer's Point and the landmark Wedding Rock, seen in the photo here.

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