Tourism Industry Glossary

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Tourism Industry Glossary

In the tourism industry, buyers refer to companies such as tour operators, hotel bed banks and fit travel companies. They ‘buy’ your product from you, whether it is admission tickets, hotel rooms or dining. Buyers can be small mom and pop companies or international online travel agencies. 

DMO: Destination Marketing Organization
An organization that works to promote a destination

FAM Tour: Familiarization Tour
A way for Tour Operators, Media, Meeting/Retreat Planners, Wedding Planners and Brides to learn more about a destination.  These tours are usually planned by the DMO with supplier stops along the itinerary.

TBID: Tourism Business Improvement District

In the TBID process local lodging operators agree to self-assess themselves, collect the money and pass the funds onto a designated tourism promotion organization. This process has been implemented as a hedge against potential future take aways that would threaten tourism-based economies.

TOT:  Transient Occupancy Tax
This tax is collected from visitors as they rent lodging accomodations.  The Humboldt County TOT Percentage Rate is 10%.

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