Pastels on the Plaza

Stroll the plaza and watch our local artists create pastel works of art on the surrounding sidewalk.

Farmers Market will also be open

The first Saturday in October is the day families, farmers, art aficionados and sponsors gather on the Arcata Plaza for the largest “art show” of the year. The gallery sidewalk is surrounded with music and the fresh produce of the local farmers market.

Each artist creates an original piece of art representing a business sponsor.  Artists, businesses and children are what this day is all about. Some are experienced artists; others are just beginning to express themselves through drawings, paintings, or sculpture.  Their sponsors are local businesses, corporations, schools, service clubs and “patrons of the arts.”

Northcoast Children’s Services’ preschool programs provide support to more than 1000 low income families with young children - from pregnancy up to age five - in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties each year. Please join us to chalk it up for kids!

The way it works…
Businesses “buy” a square for $125 or $225.  Artists sign up for the event.  Some businesses and artists will agree to work together, but for the majority, we match up artists and businesses a few days before the event.  We provide the pastels and a square of cement.  At 8:00 on Saturday morning, artists show up to start drawing.  After their art is complete, we host a reception for them and their sponsors at the Plaza Grill.  Within a month both artists and sponsors receive a photo of their artwork to treasure for the next year.

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