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Things to Do in Humboldt

Nature lover...sportsman...history traveler...patron of the arts. No matter what form your recreation takes, Humboldt County has something for you. Of course, your experience begins and ends with the redwoods, but in between is a rich mosaic of public lands, beaches and waterways where outdoor adventures rule, and of picturesque small towns where the art of living is being perfected.

Parks and Forests

Immerse yourself in unlimited outdoor recreation in Humboldt County. 


We admit it—you don’t see a lot of bikinis on our beaches. What you will see are miles of unbroken dunes,...


If you like to paddle a canoe or kayak, ride your standup paddleboard, row a skiff, sail a sloop or shoot rapids in a...


From bucolic pedals through flat farmlands to some of the most technical and challenging singletrack in the West,...


Bikers in the know head up to Humboldt County for scenic, sweeping vistas and thrilling twisties.


Humboldt has long been known for legendary fishing, including of course our iconic Steelhead and Salmon runs. 

Towns & Villages

Humboldt County contains some wonderful little towns to which you can retreat after your outdoor adventure in the...

Arts & Culture

The magical redwoods obviously inspire people. How else to explain the creative outpouring of local talent in Humboldt...

Beer, Wine and Spirits

Something is definitely brewing in Humboldt County. While technically north of California Wine Country, grapes do well...

Historic Sites

History buffs have it good in Humboldt County. From Native American heritage to Victorian architecture, we have...

Golf and Gaming

Try your luck at the tables or on the links.

Tours and Guides

You don’t have to do Humboldt on your own!

Family Fun

Humboldt County is one of the most family-friendly destinations in California, in large part because in addition to the...


Whatever it is that brings someone to a place like Humboldt County, we all like to shop when we get there.

Hiking Trails

There are over 40 different parks, forests, preserves and beaches in Humboldt County, each with numerous trails to hike...

Birding and Wildlife

Over 400 bird species have been recorded in Humboldt County; below are some of the top locations to add a sighting to...

Driving Tours

Unless you take a lifetime over it, you’re not going to see all of Humboldt County by foot.

Visitor Information

For all the advantages of our digital age, when you are visiting a new destination it’s also great to drop by a...

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