Backcountry camping - in the redwoods

Effective June 2020: Backcountry Camping Permits are Being Issued Online Only

Backcountry camping permits can be requested online up to 160 days in advance but no later than 24 hours prior to your planned camping date. Apply for a backcountry permit online.

Backcountry Opportunities

For those who like to get away and find a trail to themselves, a starlit sky at night, or hear the lullaby of crashing waves - Redwood National and State Parks offers you more than 200 miles (322km) of extraordinary backcountry trails and seven designated backcountry campsites. Whether on foot, bicycle, horseback, or whitewater raft you'll traverse a wide variety of natural habitats to get to your overnight site. These habitats include old-growth redwood forests, oak woodlands, beaches, prairies, streams, second-growth forests, and marshes.

Trip Planning Is Your Responsibility

First, read about and understand the pros and cons of our seven backcountry camping areas. Read the backcountry trip planner and find out what redwood backcountry experience might work best for you. A good backcountry trip begins with YOU doing good research. Did you know you will be camping where bears and mountain lions are common?

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