Bylaws Vote 2019

  • Address: 422 1st St.
  • Eureka, CA 95501

Recently the Bureau has undergone some changes. We are now the Humboldt County Visitors Bureau, with our marketing efforts focused on presenting unique and wonderful countywide experiences to visitors near and far.
Bylaws: The Bureau has also completed a review and update of our Bylaws. To be in legal compliance, all our members in good standing are receiving a copy and are being asked to vote for their adoption.
Attached (linked) are two documents:
1: The original document indicating what has been deleted, amended, or added.
2: A clean copy of the final updated document.
Please take a few moments to review the information. In order to adopt the Bylaws, each member is being asked to send their response, by email to:
Please indicated one of the following:
I vote TO ADOPT the Bylaws as presented.
I vote NOT to adopt the Bylaws as presented.

Thank you for your participation in this important process.
If you have questions or comments please Call Julie at: 707.443.5097 x 205, or email:

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