Centerville Beach County Park

This nine-mile stretch of secluded beach is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and sandstone cliffs amid the dairy country.

Come enjoy spectacular Centerville Beach (see link for map) located 5 miles west of the Victorian Village of Ferndale. This unique 9 mile stretch of ocean beach is surrounded by picturesque dairy country and near historic Victorian Ferndale.

On this secluded beach you can marvel at the impressive sandstone cliffs, view wildlife and birds, and even see mother whales migrating with their young in April and May when they swim closer to land.

Some of the birds and wildlife you may see include: Cormorants Gulls Pelicans Sandpipers Tundra Swans (Migrating from November to March) Harbor seals Gray Whales (Best viewed from the bluffs south of the beach) This is an ideal spot for a family picnic, to bring your dog, ride horses along the beach, beachcomb, have a beach bonfire, or simply take in the magnificent beauty of the windswept Northern California coastline.
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