Disability Accessible Trails

Accessible Trails in the Heart of the Redwoods
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
Newton B. Drury Pkwy
Prairie Creek Visitor Center
Orick, CA
Big Tree Trail.
0.16 miles.
Trailhead is on Newton B. Drury Parkway 1/8 mile north of Big Tree parking area. Roadside parking only.
Campfire Center Trail.
0.34 miles
The trailhead as well as potable water, accessible restroom and accessible parking are located behind Elk Creek Prairie Campground.
Prairie Creek Trail.  
Class I, 1.5 miles
Trailhead located across from Big Tree Day Use Area off of the Newton B. Drury Parkway.
Redwood Access Trail.
0.26 miles
Trailhead and parking on Parkway across from Rhododendron Trail.
Revelation Trail.
0.25 miles,
Redwoods interpretive trail with special features for visually impaired users. Accessible parking, accessible restroom and trailhead are in campground. 

Foothill Prairie Creek Trail Accessible Loop 
2.2 miles 
Trail starts at the park visitor center and uses a portion of the Prairie Creek Trail and Foothill Trail to create the accessible trail loop. Additional accessible trailhead parking and an accessible restroom are planned for the big tree parking area. The trail accesses spectacular old growth forest to include the big tree and pedestrian tunnels through downed old growth trees. 

Patrick’s Point State Park
4150 Patrick's Point Drive
Trinidad, CA 95570

Campfire Center Trail. 
0.22 miles
Paved, level and very popular trail runs to the campfire center. Parking is generally accessible.
Nature Trail (Native American Plants Trail)
0.16 miles accessibility
An interpretive nature trail on packed soil through forest. Trailhead with paved parking at main parking area. Restroom is generally accessible.
Patrick’s Point Campfire Center Spur Trail
This trail loops off that one for 0.15 miles.
Patrick’s Point Access Trail: This is a short paved level trail is about 500 feet long. Trailhead and generally accessible parking are located at Wedding Rock parking lot.  
Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Stop at visitor center for trail maps.
17119 Avenue of the Giants
Weott, CA  95571
  Founders Grove Trail
Is accessible for about 0.50 miles. 
Features founders Tree and the Dyerville Giant, at one time the tallest tree in the world which fell in 1991.
Trailhead - parking lot off Dyerville Loope Rd. four miles north of the Visitor Center.
Gould Grove Nature Trail
0.6 miles
Trailhead is directly across the road from the Visitor Center, Ave. of the Giants mile marker 16.5. 30 minutes
Trail features 300' trees.
Drury-Chaney Loop Trail 
1.7 miles 
1 hour 15 minutes 
located on the north end of the park, where cooler temperatures and more fog create a very lush, green under story to the old growth redwood forest. 
Trailhead is at the Avenue of the Giants mile marker 43.9, just south of the town site of Pepperwood. 

Rockefeller Loop Trail/Bull Creek Flats
0.7 miles 
30 minutes 
Elevation +/-: 20 feet.
Trailhead is at the foot of the majestic 7,000 acre Rockefeller Forest, traveling near where Bull Creek meets the South Fork Eel River. Trees soaring to immense heights combined with a relatively open under story combine to create a fairy-book forest!
1.1 miles west of the Avenue of the Giants on Mattole Road, which breaks off at Avenue of the Giants mile marker 20.6, at Dyerville.

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