Fields Landing Boat Ramp

Convenient to Eureka, the Fields Landing Boat Ramp is an excellent access to the southern portion of Humboldt Bay.   By way of the Fields Landing Channel, which is dredged to approximately 30 feet depth, the harbor entrance can be reached by boats of any size. 

This is also an excellent "put in" for canoes and kayaks. Directly across the bay from the boat ramp are the beaches and dunes of the South Spit Management Area, while paddling south about two miles takes you to the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. At low tide, the southern part of Humboldt Bay can be little more than mud flats--be sure to check tide tables and know the locations of the main channels. Use caution if approaching the main channel, swells and tidal currents can cause turbulence in this area.

There are no fees for use of this facility, which includes the boat launch, fishing and picnic area.
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