Golden Gait Mercantile

The beat of soft jazz will move you through the Golden Gait Mercantile. The ever-soft scents of fine leather and spice will help guide your senses as you take in the details of the handpicked products.

Between the top hats and the chocolate, you’ll find the kitchen towels and savory bread mixes.

Between the handmade oils and soaps, you’ll find divine-smelling candles and beautifully crafted handkerchiefs.

But among the slippers, and doilies, the wine glasses, and purses, the blankets and toys and puzzles, the soups, the kitchen supplies, you’ll find a connection, a mystical, enduring connection to a store that is both timeless and celestial, and with that, a destination that tells a story of its history the moment you step inside.

With two floors to lose track of time, the Golden Gait Mercantile isn’t just a store—it’s an experience, where many people come in as customers, and leave as friends.

Located in the heart of the redwoods, in the Victorian village of Ferndale, you’ll find a store that has a gift for everyone. 

The Golden Gait Mercantile awaits your visit.

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