High Adventure Itinerary

Let Humboldt County take you on an Adventure

Humboldt County is known for its ample outdoor activities. If you’re an old hat at outdoor adventure Humboldt County will provide a new a spectacular venue to do the outdoor activities you love. If you’re new to some of the more adventurous activities, that’s ok too. There are guides who specialize in showing visitors the ropes (literally in some cases).

You could fill a whole week with a different recreational activity each day but if you only have a few days just choose the activities you’re most curious about. The following is a list of activities and who can help with your adventure.

Kayak the waters of Humboldt County With six major rivers, a large bay, three lagoons and the Pacific Ocean, Humboldt County seems as though it was made for kayaking. Kayaking is a favorite pastime of the locals and easy for the outsider to get into with local companies who rent kayaks and give lessons and guided tours.   Pacific Outfitters Adventures offers a variety of guided kayak trips on various bodies of water including Humboldt Bay, Trinidad Bay, Big Lagoon and Stone Lagoon. They also offer stand up paddle boarding and kayak fishing trips in Trinidad Bay.

Redwood Adventures offers mountain biking tours through the redwoods. Their guided mountain bike tours allow beginners to learn off-road mountain biking techniques on our wide trials through redwood groves, meadows, creeks, and beaches. Intermediate and advanced riders are introduced to some of the North Coast’s famous single-track trails. They have several different trails to choose from and each adventure is custom designed to meet the client’s interest and riding abilities.  

Go Whitewater Rafting:
Humboldt County has spectacular rivers that are perfect for a whitewater rafting trip. Several local rafting companies offer guided rafting trips. If you would like to go on your own you can simply rent a raft to take down the river.

Six Rivers Rafting has various river rafting trips on the Trinity River. They provide the highest quality experience, delicious local and organic food on full day trips, and most importantly an above average amount of fun and adventure. Six River Rafting also offers an evening scenic dinner trip. Northern California whitewater rafting and kayaking trips are perfect for families, adventure seekers, and nature lovers. If you want to go it alone you can rent rafts and equipment from them as well.
Bigfoot Rafting Company
has the whole smorgasbord of river rafting with half day, full day and two-day guided rafting trips. Or you can simply rent the full gamut of rafts and rafting equipment. They also offer a shuttle that can take you to your put-in spot and pick you up at your tack-out. Their guides are with them year after year and are superb chefs, master boat captains and know and understand local lore and history better than anyone.

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