Lost Coast Headlands

The northern point of California’s Lost Coast is a place of rolling mountains and windswept coastal bluffs crumbling onto narrow beaches.  

The area is hard to beat if you are looking for quiet recreational pursuits. Lost Coast Headlands offers opportunities for hiking, bird watching, wildflower viewing, and beachcombing.  

Located along the coastal bluffs south of the mouth of the Eel River, approximately 25 miles south of Eureka, and 6 miles west of Ferndale. The 463 acres of public land provide seasonal beach access and include grasslands with scattered patches of forest and portions of the Fleener Creek and Guthrie Creek watersheds.  

Check the tides and ocean conditions before your head down to the beach.  

Exit Highway 101 at the Ferndale exit. Travel west towards Ferndale for five miles. From Main Street, turn right onto Ocean Avenue. Continue on Ocean Avenue for seven miles to the trailhead. The road will alternate between dirt and pavement. The parking lot and kiosk will be on your right. From the parking lot to the beach below is 1/2 mile.  This is the Fleener Creek Trailhead. Continue from the Fleener Creek Trailhead south approximately 2 miles and look for the Guthrie Creek trailhead on your right. From the parking lot to the beach below is 1 mile.

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