Lost Coast Interpretive Association

King Range National Conservation Area, Mattole River Valley, Sinkyone State Park and adjacent lands comprise the Lost Coast, providing habitat for a diversity of flora and fauna, including coast redwoods. Camping, hiking, backpacking (along with mountain biking and horseback riding in the King Range) are wonderful ways to experience remote places. Fishing and lodging are available in the community of Shelter Cove, and winding mountain roads take you to the Sinkyone Wilderness in the south and to the mouth of the Mattole and the Lost Coast Trail in the north.

Offers hikes in the summer and free lectures in winter. Go to Programs on their website: www.lostcoast.org

Nature News on their blog

The mission of the Lost Coast Interpretive Association is to inspire a passion for understanding and preserving the natural life of the Lost Coast in students, visitors and the community. Sharing this passion is what our programs are all about. We offer a natural science curriculum to schools and youth interns, and provide articles, lectures, hikes, and a Facebook page. The Lost Coast Education Center will soon open at the King Range National Conservation Area office, where we will offer workshops in our Native Plant Garden as well as interpretive displays, school field trips, volunteer opportunities and much more. We envision a time when residents and visitors understand, value and appreciate the unique environment of the Lost Coast region and reflect this in their personal lives.
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