Natural History Museum of Cal Poly Humboldt

Combine your outdoor adventures with a follow up investigation at the Local Natural History Exhibit in the museum, and then move on to the fossils.


Many exhibits are hands-on including microscopes, computer programs, touch drawers and a fossil dig box. The  Natural History Museum of Cal Poly Humboldt exhibits a world-class collection of over 2,000 fossils as well as displays on local natural history. Fossils range from tiny trilobites to mammoth tusks covering millions of years of life on earth.   Stunning casts on long term loan from the Cal Academy are: a 10-ft lower leg bone from an Ultrasaurus; and a large skull of prehistoric fish Dunkleosteus.


Regional exhibits highlight the best of nature on the North Coast including birds, insects, minerals and more! Interactive exhibits such as our touch-table and discovery boxes get all ages involved in learning. Educational programs, workshops and field trips are offered year-round.



Life Through Time

The Museum's fossils collections comprise one of the great strengths of our exhibits. This series of thirteen display cases illustrates the evolution of the Earth and life from the origin of Earth to the present day.


Local Natural History

The Museum has several exhibits informing visitors of local natural history including local shells, insects, and information on redwood ecology. The Museum store has a wide assortment of natural history books including many from local authors.

The Museum encourages you to touch and interact with many of our exhibits. There is a fossil dig box, a touch table, local bird calls, Discovery Boxes and more!


Biodiversity Exhibits

Biodiversity –Our biodiversity wall is one of the newer exhibits and highlights several plant and animal species that you can find locally


Museum Store

The Museum store features an array of nature-themed educational books, toys, jewelry and more.   The great white shark and the quetzalcoatlus are still in the old building which is now housed by Redwood Capital Bank. Folks are encouraged to come by and see these two life-sized amazing exhibits kitty-corner to us.   Directions:  Next to Emerald City Laundry on 12th and G St., across from Wildberries.

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