Russ Park

  • Address: Bluff Street
  • Ferndale, CA 95536

You can surround yourself in the solitude of a closed canopy forest with a nature hike in Russ Park, Ferndale's bird sanctuary. Russ Park is a 105-acre preserve located at the southern edge of Ferndale, with several miles of excellent trails that lead to Zipporah pond and views overlooking the Eel Valley. Located within easy walking distance of Main Street.

There are four trails through the park:
Main Trail to Ferndale View Trail - 1.5 miles
Maple Leaf Loop Trail - 1 mile
Village Trail to Pacific View Trail - 1 mile
Eugene Street Trail 1/5 mile

Despite its location in Ferndale, between California's Humboldt Redwoods State Park and the Redwood National Forest, Russ Park is a mature Sitka Spruce forest, which is more rare than Redwoods. Sitka spruce - grand fir forest dominates much of the park, with Douglas fir on south facing slopes and red alder on ravine slopes. A few redwoods were planted about 1930. Zipporah's pond, on an upper ridge, was excavated; it usually holds water except in late summer.  

The park is open from sunrise to sunset. There are no facilities in the park.  

Directions:  Turn left at the south end of Main Street onto Ocean Street go 3/4 mile to the gravel parking area on the right where Ocean turns into Bluff Street.

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