Soft Adventure in Southern Humboldt County

Southern Humboldt County has adventure for all ages and abilities

Humboldt County is full of amazing recreational activities that don’t take a lot of effort. The following is a list of soft adventure activities in Southern Humboldt County.   Go for a swim Humboldt County is blessed with six major rivers and some of the best swimming holes are along these rivers in Southern Humboldt County. In the summertime the weather is hot and the water is warm. Check out this list of swimming holes along Southern Humboldt’s spectacular rivers.   Fish the rivers of Southern Humboldt The same rivers you swim in the summer are great for fishing all year long. There a three wonderful rivers in Southern Humboldt, the Eel, Van Duzen and Mattole. Click on this link to read more about the fishing opportunities these rivers provide.   Take a bike ride through the redwoods or along the coast Southern Humboldt has many wonderful bike trails that will take you through towering redwoods and give you spectacular views of the ocean. The Avenue of the Giants offers level riding over paved surfaces and wind through the magnificent forest. The King Range/Lost Coast area has the Paradise Royale Mountain Bike Trail with 14 miles of trails through tan oak, madrone and fir forests. Click on this link for more information on bike trails in Southern Humboldt.   Take a Hike Humboldt Redwoods State Park has over 100 miles of trails offering something for every age and ability including some disability accessible trails. All the trails on this link can be accessed throughout the park.   Take a guided tour Humboldt County is blessed not only with beauty but with expert guides who know where to take you to see this amazing beauty. Jenny Hanson is an experienced local naturalist, who will help you find natural masterpieces that are not found in museums! Jenny will help you plan an itinerary, meet you for a nature ramble, join you in your vehicle for a few hours or a day of nature discovery, or work out other arrangements to suit you. It’s your time and your choice. You will enjoy Jenny’s personal guiding service if you love to travel at your own pace, want a friendly expert around, and like to get more than a superficial impression of the places you visit.   Professional historian and author, Ray Hillman of Pride Enterprise Tours is an experienced tour guide and local authority. Ray provides guided tour services to individuals, families and groups, and specializes in step-on guide services for the motor coach industry.
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