China Flat Museum - Bigfoot

See Bigfoot's footprint.

The Willow Creek - China Flat Museum highlights the history of logging in and around Willow Creek, and is perhaps best known for its collection of materials on Bigfoot!

Take a sentimental journey back to the days of the early pioneers of this beautiful mountain community as you browse through the museum's wonderful collection of things from the past. A part of the permanent collection is a complete replication of a miner's cabin.

Then head on over to the Big Foot Exhibit. The Bigfoot exhibit has pictures, newspaper articles, maps of sightings, Bigfoot casts, which have been made with a plaster like material to replicate the foot prints that have been collected over the years and donated to the museum. Come… see our collection and read all about Bigfoot!

Go the website link above to find out more!

There is ample free parking in a lot bordering Hwy 299, near the entrance to the Museum.   The Willow Creek China Flat Museum is located near the intersection of Hwy 299 and 96 in Humboldt County.

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