Lanphere and Ma-le’l Dunes

A place where sand dunes, forestland & wetlands meet - just a few miles from Arcata.  

A National Natural Landmark -- this 160 acre dune unit is the most pristine remaining dune system in the Pacific Northwest. The name came from a place name of the ancestral Wiyot tribe.

The newly opened North Ma-le'ls entrance road is open to vehicles Friday through Monday

Tuesday through Thursday the area is accessible by walking or biking from the Ma-le'l South Trailhead parking area.
  Visit Friends of the Dunes for a current schedule of guided walks, restoration workdays and other events. You may also stop in at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center for more information and brochures.   The Ma-le'l Dune Unit is located south of Lanphere Dunes at the upper end of the North Spit of Humboldt Bay, west of Mad River Slough. A refuge for those looking for a different kind of hiking experience.     Take Young Rd off of Hwy 255 in the northern part of Manila and follow signs.


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