Victorian Walking Tour in Eureka

Take a self-guided trip into the Victorian era.

Stroll down most streets in Eureka and you will be impressed by its various architectural styles.

Suggested walking/driving tour of the nearby neighborhoods. This walk or driving tour will give you a glimpse of houses and commercial buildings that span 1880s to 1920s. Begin by heading south on H St.,(one way street). Hillsdale Street and the surrounding neighborhoods capture some of Eureka's best preserved Victorian homes. Boasting styles of Queen Anne and Eastlake, Hillsdale Street is truly a historical site you don't want to miss. Hillsdale Street is located between 12 & 13th Streets and E & C Streets. 

Can't get enough? Here's a walking tour of the historic Old Town commercial district Eureka. Established during the mid to late 1800s. Start at the Carson Mansion, then head on down 3rd Street past the white houses between K & J Sts. See article in right sidebar (Old Town Victorians - Eureka Historical Society) for history and descriptions.


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