Wedding Rock

Getting married on top of Wedding Rock is a nearly 100 year old local tradition  

Since the park’s original caretaker was married there in the early 20th century, Wedding Rock has been a magical focus of romance in Sue-Meg State Park, near the picturesque town of Trinidad on California’s Redwood Coast.  

Each year, dozens of couples climb the rocky stairs to make their vows hundreds of feet above the crashing surf, with the wide Pacific Ocean as witness. There's plenty of room at the top for your entourage.  

It's a uniquely special place to start the journey through life together--a rock-solid foundation for wedded bliss, so to speak.   If you can somehow look anywhere but into each other’s eyes, you might try scanning the ocean for migrating California Grey Whales, frequently seen November through April.  

For group reservations & weddings please contact:
Permit Coordinator

The Trinidad area offers up a delightful assortment of cozy bed and breakfast inns and vacation homes, perfect for honeymoon retreats.

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