Founder's Grove & The Dyerville Giant

Spend time in Humboldt Redwoods State Park's Redwood forest and marvel at the beauty of these ancient giants.

This incredible Redwood grove, located just off the famous Avenue of the Giants, is home to some of the tallest trees in the world. At the end of the loop is the magnificent fallen Dyerville Giant. The giant redwood once stood 362 ft. tall and was considered the tallest tree in the park before its fall in 1991. The redwood’s crash to the ground moved the earth so much that it registered on a nearby seismograph and one local, who heard the impact from half a mile away, thought a train had crashed.

Today you can walk the whole length of the tree and stand in awe of its massive root system beautifully on display.   Dyerville Giant Facts: 362 ft. in height 17 ft. diameter 52 ft. circumference Possibly 2,000 years old.  

Location: On Dyerville Loop Rd. just off the Avenue of the Giants. Mileage:  0.6 miles Elevation Change: 20 feet. Additional Information: This is a level, ADA accessible trail. There are restrooms in the parking lot. 

These gentle hikes are disability accessible and fun for the whole family. Pick up a self-guided nature trail guide at the trailhead, or spend some time ambling through the Humboldt Redwood's State Park and take in the natural wonder of these impressive trees.

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